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Shahdara Flyover Project Latest Updates August 2023

Despite Pakistan’s current economic crisis, the long-awaited Shahdara flyover project is now in full gear, with the goal of alleviating traffic congestion in one of Lahore’s most congested regions. In this post, we will look at the construction updates for the Shahdara flyover project, the Imamiya Colony flyover project, and the metro bus service expansion.

In addition, we will investigate the traffic strategy put in place throughout the construction phase to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Despite the hurdles, the Shahdara Flyover project is expected to be completed by the end of October 2023, providing respite to commuters and increasing mobility in the city.

Shahdara Flyover Project Plan

The Punjab government is working with the federal government to build the Shahdara Flyover. Because Shahdara Chowk is the busiest entry to Lahore, the major goal of this project is to reduce traffic congestion and promote seamless passage.

The following are the features of the Shahdara Flyover Project:

  1. GT Road flyovers heading towards Gujranwala.
  2. The second stage of the GT Road flyover leads to Sheikhupura Road.
  3. Imamia colony railway crossing has a flyover.
  4. Metro Bus Service is being extended to Kala Shah Kaku.
  5. There are four Metro Bus Stations.
  6. Construction of a three-lane motorway on each side to Kala Shah Kaku.
  7. Construction of a two-lane service road on either side.
  8. Metro Bus Motorway has two lanes.
  9. Shahdara Chowk has a roundabout.
  10. Existing structure rehabilitation.

Latest Updates of Shahdara Flyover August 2023

The Shahdara Flyover Project’s foundation and piling construction is finished. One team is placing girders on piers. The second in parallel, is doing shuttering and the third team is pouring concrete. The images below will assist you in understanding the status of the Shahdara Flyover Project.

Completion Plans of the Shahdara Flyover Project

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been asked to finish the Shahdara Chowk flyover by September. On behalf of government authorities, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was given a full briefing on the project before the ending of his government. Now the caretaker Government is in charge of this project. The completion of the Shahdara Flyover Project is expected in the month of September before General Elections.

Traffic Plan for Shahdara Flyover Construction:

The Lahore City Traffic Police have prepared a detailed traffic strategy to minimize delays and maintain the smooth flow of traffic during the construction phase.

To avoid disruption, commuters are asked to obey traffic officers and cooperate with them. The plan was gone into effect on February 18, 2023, and will last until the project is completed. Patience and attention to traffic regulations are essential for facilitating the building process and allowing the construction crew to work smoothly.

Heavy trucks will be prohibited from using Shahdara Chowk throughout the building period. To alleviate traffic congestion, the Lahore Traffic Police have identified three other routes:

  1. Eastern Bypass/Motorway: Heavy and slow-moving commercial trucks traveling from Kala Shah Kaku and Kala Khatai to Lahore can enter through the Eastern Bypass or Motorway.
  2. Saggian: Traffic from Faisalabad and Sheikhupura can access Lahore via the Saggian road.
  3. Heavy Vehicle Diversion: During the building period, heavy trucks originating at Kala Shah Kaku and Begum Kot Chowk will be redirected to alternate routes.
  4. Ravi Bridge: The traffic entering Lahore can use Ravi Bridge to enter Lahore. But the traffic coming from Lahore have no way to get an exit using Ravi Bridge. The traffic can only use Old Ravi Bridge or Saggian Bypass.

Taking on such a huge infrastructure project during an economic downturn poses its own set of obstacles. Authorities confront challenges such as obtaining appropriate finances, controlling construction timetables, collaborating with many parties, and resolving logistical issues. However, the Punjab government’s dedication to go through with these initiatives demonstrates their willingness to overcome these hurdles and deliver improved transit infrastructure for Lahore.




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