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Trending 3 Marla House Designs in Pakistan

Everyone desires to own a home. However, buying a home is not something that everyone can afford these days. This problem exists not only in Pakistan, but all throughout the world.

Why purchase a property when you can rent it out, you may ask? Renting a property is an alternative, but it does not provide long-term stability. After a while, the landlord may ask you to leave or raise the rent. This creates a great deal of uncertainty for the renter.

This is why, in Pakistan, everyone works hard for their lives in order to possess a home. Nonetheless, they do not possess a 5 Marla house. They never consider building a house on a smaller plot of land. They say that 3 Marla land is insufficient to build a family house.

However, In this blog, we will discuss some important points that will change your point of view, as we will explain in depth the 3 Marla house designs in Pakistan that may satisfy your needs. If not, you are free to make minor modifications. But, before that, wouldn’t it be preferable to learn about the advantages of 3 Marla houses? So, when constructing a house, you just think positively.

Benefits of Owning a 3 Marla House

You would think that having a house of any size provides the same benefits, but this is not the case. The benefits of owning a 3 Marla house are numerous, and the facts are as follows:

1.      Low Maintenance Cost

When purchasing a large property, keep in mind that the upkeep costs will be significant as well. So, if you don’t have a budget or a steady source of income, investing in such a property is a horrible idea. Smaller homes, such as 3 Marla houses, have lower upkeep costs. For instance, if you want to paint your entire house, you may do so on a shoestring price. Similarly, you will not have to spend a fortune on remodelling and refurbishing.

2.      Easy to Manage

Another advantage of owning a 3 marla house is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. You’ll need some time to handle or clean it. Furthermore, even if you hire someone to clean it for you, you will not have to pay exorbitant prices. The reason for this is the tiny area. What falls under the category of small property? 3 Marla house, of course.

3.      Quite Cozy

Another advantage of 3 marla houses is that they are cozier than large houses. Furthermore, heating and cooling systems perform better in tiny houses. To create an exceptional ambiance, all you need is a small expenditure for design and lighting.

4.      Less Clutter

You may believe that tiny spaces appear cluttered, yet this is not the case. Especially if you work on everything with mindfulness. For example, if you are moving into or building a 3 Marla house for yourself, make sure you furnish it with items that will benefit you in various ways. If you have items that you believe are no longer useful, it is best to get rid of them before moving into your new home. Because it will help you to evolve your home and make it more roomy and friendly.

5.      Energy-Efficient

Nobody can dispute that power is becoming increasingly costly in Pakistan. This is why everyone is seeking methods to save energy. However, they are unable to locate solutions that are reasonably priced. 3 marla house, on the other hand, is energy-efficient. Heating and cooling a house do not require a lot of energy. This is an important factor in keeping expenses low.

6.      Affordable Price

When you go to a real estate market, you will see that the property prices are exorbitant. However, if you concentrate on little houses, you will see that their sale prices are cheap in comparison to others. So, if you have a restricted budget, 3 Marla House is the ideal investment option for you. Don’t you believe it’s better to possess a house than nothing?

3 Marla House Plans in Pakistan

When you meet with pros, they will inform you that they will provide you with many alternatives for 3 Marla house designs. We will learn about several classic 3 Marla house designs in Pakistan in this article. However, you are not required to adopt a comparable plan while building your property. You may personalize it to your preferences. All you have to do is talk to an expert about it! 

Plan 1 – Single Story 3 Marla House Designs in Pakistan 

If you want to create a single story 3 Marla house design for your little family, this is a basic design. The garage and lawn will be on the bottom floor. It will also contain a TV lounge and a kitchen, both of which will be connected. There will also be a guest restroom, so when you have visitors, you won’t have to take them inside your rooms.

Moving on, there are two bedrooms with connected baths and a walk-in closet that may also be used as a storage space. This house design also has a backyard that may be used as a laundry room.

Single Story 3 Marla house design consists of

  • 2 Bedroom with Attached Bath
  • 1 Guest Washroom
  • TV Lounge
  • Backyard
  • Lawn
  • Garage

Plan 2 – Double Story 3 Marla House Designs in Pakistan   

Ground Floor

The ground floor of this 3 marla house design is a wonderful synthesis of some of the greatest features. One major entry leads directly to a hallway or lounge area. The lounge area is reserved only for home guests. The lounge is linked to the drawing room. The drawing room is where you may entertain your visitors. Then there’s a storage room. A bedroom with an attached bath may be found on the left. A guest bathroom is also accessible from the sitting area.

This 3 Marla house design also has a guest bathroom and a stairway to the top floor on the ground floor. Double Story ground floor 3 Marla house design consists of

  • 1 Bedroom with Attached Bath
  • Kitchen
  • Store Room
  • Lounge Area
  • Drawing Room
  • Guest Bathroom

First Floor

The first floor of the property features two bedrooms, both with their own bathrooms. You will also have a lounge on the first floor. On the first floor, one of the bedrooms has a patio. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the main entrance and the road. On this floor, there is also a kitchen. Double Story first floor 3 Marla house design consists of

  • 2 Bedroom with Attached Bath
  • Lounge Area
  • Terrace
  • A Small Kitchen

Plan 3 – Double 3 Marla House Designs in Pakistan (Option 2)

Ground Floor

This 3 Marla house design is ideal for individuals who desire to live in a house with flair, particularly millennials. The main door leads directly to a garage. The lounge space follows, which is aided by a guest bath. The drawing room is the next stop on the ground floor, where your visitors may relax and indulge in good discussion.

The kitchen is located on the right side of the lounge and drawing room. Then, at the back, there is an open area that you may customize to your liking. The ground floor of this 3 Marla house design also has a walk-in closet, giving the house a more urban appearance. This floor’s bedroom also includes an attached bath. Double Story ground floor 3 Marla house design consists of

  • 1 Bedroom with Attach Bath
  • Kitchen Store Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Lounge Area
  • Guest Bath
  • Garage
  • Open Area at the Back

First Floor

The staircase located at the rear of the house leads directly to the first floor. The first floor has two bedrooms that are parallel to one other and have associated bathrooms. A storage room is located at the end of the first floor. The master bedroom includes a modest patio as well. Then there’s a lounge or open sitting space at the other end of the floor. Double Story first floor 3 Marla house design consists of

  • Terrace
  • Hallway or Lounge
  • 2 Bedrooms with Attach Bath

All of the material provided above is intended to educate the readers about the 3 Marla house design in Pakistan. However, before making any decisions on the design of your home, we recommend that you speak with specialists.



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