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Samanabad Underpass Project Details & Latest Updates | 22 June 2023

Samanabad is a prominent residential area and administrative subdivision in Lahore. It has a population of 250,000 people. The majority of the residents came here in the 1970s. The Jazz Ground, a cricket venue in the neighborhood, mainly hosts local Samanabad Cricket Club matches. LDA Sports Complex, a big sports complex, is also located nearby.

Why Underpass was needed at Samanabad Mor?

Samanabad is located in the most important location of Lahore. It is adjacent to Multan Road, Mazang, Islamia Park, Achhra, and Allama Iqbal Town. Due to its prime location, the people of Samanabad and those passing through Samanabad have been facing traffic jam problems for many years.
Initially, a flyover was proposed to be constructed at Samanabad Chowk but it remained only in papers and a mega project of the Orange Line train covered the flyover site. Later, the need for a flyover at this location increased.

Proposal for Samanabad Underpass Project

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) submitted a proposal to the provincial government in November 2021. The plan was to build an underpass at Samanabad Mor. For the final clearance, LDA Engineering Wing has submitted a Project Concept-1 (PC-1) worth PKR 1.39 billion to the Punjab Government.
According to the idea, a 500-meter-long full-height subway was to be built at Samanabad Mor to alleviate traffic congestion going to Gulshan Ravi. The tender for the LDA project was launched as soon as Chief Minister Usman Buzdar granted his permission.
According to the details, the construction of Samanabad Underpass was started during the reign of Parvez Elahi in 2022, but this mega project started facing problems from the very beginning, first, it faced problems like traffic management and land acquisition, now there is a lack of funds. Obstructed.
An estimate of 1 billion 72 crores was re-estimated for the construction of the underpass, and 50 crore rupees were released during the tenure of Pervez Elahi, out of which LDA spent 45 crore rupees. Chief Engineer LDA says that he has requested the Punjab government for more funds, but the work on the project is going on day and night.

Current Updates of Samanabad Underpass

Construction of Samanabad Underpass is going on at full speed day and night, Samanabad Underpass is fast approaching completion and one side facing walls have been completed. Work on the barrels on both sides of the underpass and the facing walls on the Gulshan Ravi side is in full swing. One service road connected to the underpass has been completed, while work on the remaining three roads is in progress.
Completion of the first asphalt layer over the top barrel slab (Multan Road, Samanabad side carriageway).
Work on the right side of Samanabad service road WBM is now underway.
The barrel bed slab’s concrete pouring has been completed.

Following are the images of Samanabad Underpass construction work:



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